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hey all well life rocks and well i love you all. i went to work today and i had a shitty time but whatever. i will be working at shell soon hopefully.tonight we are hoping to go to a haunted house today and to the bluff yahhhhhhhh.i think shawn is an ass wipe and needs to go to hell to find some fucked up lesbian whores covered in their own shit and leave trish the fuck alone.hahahahahahaha kiss my ass i am so happy with james he treats me so awesomly, he is so sweet and comfortable to be around.yahh i am so happy i am blushing eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well ima go eat some pussy. cause im craving it BAD!
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my fat ass

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well not alot happened today i went to work and i am here at james's house just chillin but everything is kool. we are about to go have a threesom with another fat girl. but i just wanted to say hi and i love you all
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You're a razorback dyke. When people make jokes
about bull dykes, they're talking about you.
Guys find you very intimidating, though you may
identify with them better than you do most
women. People who aren't paying close attention
call you 'sir.' People accuse you of having
testosterone problems or penis envy. You're not
transgendered, however. You're tough and
hardened. You're not at all reluctant to stand
up for yourself or your beliefs and the
occasional fight is just part of life.
Requests/demands for you to be more feminine
really piss you off. You don't have any trouble
dating a nice femme girl, though... or even a
nice boi.

What is your Dyke Rating?
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fun fun fun

yah i am in florida with courtney

i am so happy right now i am just sitting here watching her sleep i could do this all day .i honestly think she is the best thing for me i mean she makes me feel loved and beautiful and wanted and she just makes me wanna do my best and shre makes me wanna take care of her forever i really dont know what will happen after this but i hope it just keeps getting better she looks so peaceful so beautiful her love is so magical it is like when she kisses me i float in the airi dont know i probably sound dumb but this is how i feel       i listen to ppl all day tell me that it is wrong what we are doing and that god didnt intend for woman to be with woman and men to be with men but honestly if god didnt want her with me so bad then he wouldnt let me feel the way i do when i look into her eyes i dont know all i know is that i love her and she loves me and i am happy and i couldnt ask for anything more right now ok i am out i am going to go back to bed with her i love you all i miss you sharaya and kellie and travis and everybody i love you all kiss kiss

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ok so today was a gr8 day i got my belly button pierced key yayayayaya ok
so i just wanted to tell courtney that i am going to the club so if you call me i wont be home till 1230 ok
ok so zlkjrnglkfnhlk
ummmmmm also david what is wrong with you i mean whenever i write in my journal you always say something i dont know kinda like rude like"better be a kool club" or "ummmmm ....ok"
ok i am outtie i love everyone
bye bye
kiss kiss
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hey wazzz is up!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay i love everybody
ok ok i love you courtney ok ok bye bye gotta go hehehehehedhehehehehehe
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so last night was sooooooo fucked up
we went to devils creek and no shit even happened
and then we all came back to sharayas and got way messed up it was pretty funny
I wish i had the nerve to tell John how i feel. Sometimes i talk to him when he isnt there and i pretend he loves me.
Also i just wanted to tell courtney i love her and i am going to the club tonight if you try to call
ok i guess that is all
bye bye kiss kiss
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my fat ass


heyheyhey i am about to get so drunk it is unreal
i get to see my baby in a week yayayqyayaayayayayayayayayayayaya

i love you john
i love you courtney
i love you liz
i love everybody
sorry if your name wasnt mentioned i still love you
happy b day john
raaaaa raaaaa
ok ok i am sorry bye bye love you all kiss kiss
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